Sunday, December 27, 2009


So today is my first day trying out real workouts on the Wii. Before I just kinda played around with some of the games and random workouts. I am really liking the Wii Fit, I love how it tracks your calories burned and time working out as you do it so if you have a certain goal in mind you can aim for that. I started by doing some warm-ups and then going through different routines. The Wii Fit has options to target specific areas: Lifestyle, Health, Youth and Form. You can pick one of these and then they have even more specific routines within these groups. For example, in Form you can choose to work on your Hips, Arms or Figure. I picked Figure today, then it sets up a routine of three different exercises that focus on the Figure. So today I went through and picked one routine in each of the 4 groups. Then I just went to the main options and did a few workouts from Yoga, Aerobics,Strength, and Balance until I hit 30 minutes of workout. This actually took me almost an hour because of all the tutorials, but once I start playing it more I can skip those. So in 30 minutes I burned 115 calories. Not too much, but once I get used to the routines i can pick out the ones that burn the most calories, also I will get better at doing the exercises and the wii will track that and I will be able to burn more on individual exercises. Besides the annoying tutorials, I really like the Wii Fit so far!
By the end of my workout I was sweating and "feeling the burn" as they say. Once I get used to the game in a few days or so I plan on moving up to 45 minutes. Eventually I want to try to get up before the baby and do 45 min in the morning and 45 min at naptime, and eventually 45 min in the evening. I also want to start lifting weights to work off that icky arm flab.
I should also add that starting on January 1st I plan on focusing on my diet. I admit I am giving myself a week so I can enjoy the last of my Christmas goodies. Then its on to eating healthy and tracking my calories: consumed and burned. I am hoping that we will be moving to another apartment in April and this other place has a pool and fitness room that I can use to workout as well. Plus, as soon as it warms up I can start taking my long walks again!
As far as my other goals go, my house is a mess. But in my defense, we just took down the Christmas tree and I still ahevn't quite figured out where I am going to put all the new toys. I did, however clean out one of the hallway closets and plan on organizing the baby's room today.
I set up a little corner in our living room for educational activities. I have the Kitchen play set and all the play food there along with a poster of the Alphabet and Numbers and a dry-erase board. I am planning on doing the Sesame Street thing and picking a letter, color, number, and shape to focus on for the week. I will have a box with items that fit the letter, color, number or shape of the week and I will show Harliegh ( that's my daughter) each object and point out certain things. For example: if the color of the week is red and the shape square I can show her a red, square block and say "Look Harliegh, this is a block. It's red and it has four sides so it is a square." I also can center some of her daily activities around these things, like "Let's where a red shirt today" or, "You can have an apple today. Apples are red" I tried to do this before and it worked pretty well but I got away from it when the holidays got closer. She also got a ton of cool art supplies that will help us stay occupied this long winter!
So that's a start on most of my goals. Maybe I will even have time to write later tonight, I have a short story in mind, so maybe I will get that started!

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