Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of 2009

So today is my last day of pigging out! YAY! I am trying to convince myself that I am excited about this. Honestly, my main goal is just to be healthier. If I want a soda or a bag chips, I am not going to deny myself, but I want to be aware of what it does to my body. I want to be a healthier person all around. Today I went grocery shopping and got lots of yummy healthy food. Fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, veggies. I think I am going to set my calorie intake at 1500 calories a day. I am not sure what i should set my calories burned goal as yet so if you know where I can find a website that will tell me what I should burn, realistically and healthily, please send it my way.
So today I set up my own workout on the Wii Fit, I figure I will change it every week so I won't get bored. Today I worked out for 45 minutes and burnt 175 calories.

Tomorrow I will be posting measurements, calories consumed and burned and work out times. I am thinking of

Everyone enjoy the last day of 2009, tomorrow the hard work starts!


  1. I bought a new scale today...Im fairly disappointed in what I weigh today, but I honestly havent gained MUCH (8lbs) so I am going to keep my goal weight around the same range. I also bought a tape measure thing for my measurements. I'm definitely an hour glass, but I'm not looking forward to admitting my size. I guess I better so that at the end we can find out if this working out/eating better works. :)
    WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Go to It'll help you set your calorie goal (1500 might be too high for you) and also help you figure out what you should be burning a week. :)