Friday, February 5, 2010

Boca Burgers= YUM


I was watching Dr.Oz yesterday, it was about losing weight and the biology of blubber.If you can find it somewhere online you should watch it. Did you know that a woman who drinks ONE can of soda a day raises her risk of getting diabetes by 83%! That's amazing.

On a different note....I must have really worked extra yesterday because my legs and abs are killing me now! I am tempted to do a light yoga workout today but I should probably try to get in a good workout since I won't be able to for most of the weekend.
Oh...the Boca Burgers? AMAZING! Yum....they were so good and filling, too. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend them.

Well...I know this is a boring blog but that's all I've got for ya.

Keep blogging everyone...I check your blogs everyday!

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