Monday, February 15, 2010

I need a day off.

Wow, its been a busy weekend for me. Saturday I had class all day long again. I thought I would like getting class over in one day, but it really takes a lot out of me to be gone so long! The good thing about school is that I pack a healthy lunch and snacks and don't have the opportunity to give in and get something unhealthy since I don't bring cash with me. Also, even though I don't get a workout in, I do get in a lot of walking. On Sunday we took Harliegh to and indoor playground and I got in a lot of walking/crawling/ running in even though she was a bit overwhelmed. Unfortunately is was bad day diet-wise. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and I had steak and lobster with broccoli and mashed potatoes, I admit...I ate most of it. then we ordered pizza fro dinner since I didn't feel like cooking. But I only had one slice and three chicken wings.

This morning was Harliegh's 18m appointment and she had shots, so we had to get up a little earlier then usual to get her there. So I am pretty tired right now and decided I needed a lazy day. I haven't had one in a over a week, so I think I deserve it.

The next two weeks I really want to focus on getting enough sleep and not procrastinating. I really need to stay on top of housework and homework. Last weeks I put off my homework until just a few days before class and then I was scrambling to get it done. I also have a bad habit of snacking a lot when I am doing homework for long periods of time, so if I break it up a bit I might not do that as much.

Brooke has been blogging about loving yourself and making time for yourself. She really made me think that I really don't even think about that. I mean, I am working out for myself but basically everything else I do is partly for my family. I go to school so I can get a decent job to support my family, I clean the house so we don't have to live in a mess and can live with pride in our home. When I really break it down there is very little time in my day that is spent solely on me! I haven't even had time to do much "fun" reading lately and that makes me sad because reading is my escape. I haven't had time to work on my book that I am writing cause I spend so much time writing assignments for class. I think I need to try to make time for things like this for my sanity....cause I am starting to feel so tightly wound lately. Ugh....the life of a mom, huh?

Hope to see some new blogs from everyone soon, it looks like everyone kind of took a break this weekend!

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