Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blogs and more Blogs

Ok....So Sarah talked me into it...I started a reading/writing blog and just posted my first blog. I never thought I would be a the blogger type, and here I am with 3 blogs! EGADS!
I would love for you to read it though! Here is the link for my new blog Bookworm Quinn. I am a little nervous about it so leave some comment love, ok?

As far as health goes. I am feeling almost 100% now. Woohoo. Tomorrow I am going to jump into my workout/health plan again, counting calories and working out. I did weigh myself yesterday and do a few easy workouts and was surprised and happy to find that I have not gained anything at all!

I am really loving the video blogs of both Nathalie and Sarah and can't wait to see more. Maybe some day I will do one....if I ever buy a webcam!

I haven't posted new goals for a while, so here are my new goals for next week:

1. Get back into working out everyday
2. Counting calories and making meal plans
3. Drinking lots of water ( I am horrible at this, I am not the type to drink all day...usually I only drink at meal times and I need to start drinking more because I can really tell a difference when I do)
4. Get to bed earlier (again I am HORRIBLE at this, I average only about 4-5 hours of sleep a night)

Ok...I think that's sufficient. Hope to hear form you all very soon!


  1. Went to you new blog and left a comment. :) I hope you do post a vlog, that'd be awesome. Cuz yeah, it's been forever since I've seen you. :(

  2. I have been doing horribly about sleeping at night as well. I wake up feeling tired, and looking puffy all over. I also started to drink less and less water which I need to improve myself. I will encourage you, if you will encourage me! :)