Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok, so I realize today is weigh-in today and I will post my measurements later,though I am not expecting anything, especially since my "friend" just arrived.

I just wanted to say a little something inspired by Sarah's blog rant. If you haven't read it now!

Every woman is different and we should embrace that beauty!

When you look at models in magazines and television, remind yourself that they are most likely NOT healthy and they are FAKE. Seriously, if we all had a team of make-up artists, hairstylists, people dressing us and even more people fixing every flaw on a computer, we would probably look just as good as them. What makes me sick is when they put a super-skinny model on a page advertising plus-size women...what's wrong with you people?

Let the industry do what they want, they are made on a bunch of LIES. But what we need to work on is acceptance of other normal woman. What I mean is...we all need to realize that every woman's body is different. We need to be happy with who we are. We need to stop judging other woman. Now, I admit, it really bothers me when a person is very unhealthy and they don't seem to care about their own HEALTH. But everyone should be happy with their bodies and want to be healthy.
This is what I mean.
As most of you know, I am a small person naturally.Don't hate me...that's just my body, but that doesn't mean I haven't had problems with weight recently. Now, I was TINY in high school. I didn't break 100 pounds until my senior year and I wore a size 0-3. I HATED IT. But I was healthy, seriously, I ate normally, I just was very thin. Well, even at that size I was made fun of. People made jokes about me being anorexic or bulimic, they joked that you couldn't see me if I stood a certain way, they called me skeleton, they called me flat-chested. Seems to me that if you want to be "perfect" you had to be right smack in the damn middle, and how many people actually are? I hated the way I looked back then, I was so self-conscious. I made it a point to eat a ton of food when I was in public, and then I made sure I didn't got to the bathroom after I ate for fear that people would say I was puking.
After high school, I started gaining weight, at a healthy pace. It was just time catching up with me and my metabolism slowing down. I was around 135 and I was finally starting to feel comfortable in my skin. Then different comments came, my friends who knew me in high school started pointing out that I had "put on a little weight". One friend took one look at my tiny little muffin top rolling over my bikini and snorted, saying "Wow, Quinn, you have put on some weight. You need to start working out or something." This was at 135 pounds!
About 3 months after I had my baby I started putting on weight rapidly due to a crappy little birth control pill I started. After I had Harliegh, I walked out of the hospital at 145 pounds. But then I rocketed up to close to 180 at my heaviest. For the first time in my life, I was in the "obese" range. Then the comments really started "Quinn is not so skinny anymore" "You can't shop in the Jr's section anymore, better hit the plus-size" "We are going to have to start calling you hips instead of Skeleton, now" "you need a new bra, your boobs are starting to sag now"
Thanks people. Thanks.
Why do people have to be so negative? Now I am finally starting to get back to a good weight for me. I am toning up and notice changes in every aspect of my life, even when the weight doesn't move. I decided that I need to be happy with me. I wish I could make everyone see that those negative comments don't help. It just makes you look like a stuck-up, judgmental bitch. But we all know those voices are out there.

So put those voices in a corner...shoot them in the head...and live your life. Be happy. Be Healthy. And love your body, love your shape. There will always be someone out there who will feed you matter what your size is.
So just be beautiful. and don't judge others (I know you don't...)


  1. People are horrible. When you knew me (when I was living in MO) my parents told me almost every day I was fat. Do you know, I looked at my medical records and found something from around that time. I weighed 127 lbs. And I was already this height and build. I wish now I wouldn't have listened, because if they would have left me alone, I probably wouldn't have such issues now. It's really sad. We women really do need to stop listening to others, no matter how close they are.

  2. Nathalie isn't alone. Every day before school I would go to my mom and ask her "does this outfit make me look fat?" This was when I was in a B cup and around 145 lbs. Sometimes she said yes, sometimes no. I thought I was huge back then, and I could kill for that now. I wish I had just lived my life, accepted myself, and been okay with who I was. Then as my boobs grew, so did my insecurities. I relied on everyone ELSE to tell me I looked okay. I must have sounded SO needy. I hope I can break that pattern now. We are all beautiful women, and we need to tell OURSELVES that more than anything. :)