Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Think Healthy Thoughts

I want to send out a shout out to Sarah and Emma who are currently horribly sick! Hope you both feel better soon, get tons of rest and pamper yourself. You deserve it. Don't think about weight/working out, you will know when its time to start that again! HUGS!

So today is another Jillian Micheals work out day. I didn't sleep well last night so I was very tired and was already planning on taking a nap when I got up at 7. Fortunately, my dear husband got up for awhile so I could get a little extra sleep. I was STILL thinking of my nap when I started to feel guilty about planning to skip my workout, ESPECIALLY on Jillian day...when it counts the MOST. So I set up some paints for Harliegh and did my workout early, compromising that I could still take a nap if I got my workout in. I am kinda glad I did this and it worked out pretty well, except when Harliegh decided to sit on my stomach mid-crunch. LOL. I was still a little sore from Sundays Jillian Work out, but I found that as I did the workout today, I loosened up a lot and the sore muscles actually improved.

I tried to take my vitamin 15 minutes after eating today and guess what? No Nausea. I guess I will have to do this everyday!

Think Healthy thoughts! (for you and for Sarah&Emma)

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  1. Aw, hooray for shout outs. Emma is doin better, and actually is asleep right now *knock on wood* As for me, i'm pretty sure im losing my voice, and have some horrible virus. It seems like bronchitis again. Ugh. I hope its better soon. I haven't slept in 3 days.

    I think I might buy jillians dvd and give it a shot. If you can do it as a mommy, I should be able to as well. I think it'll be a few days before i get to work out again though. :(

    YAY healthy thoughts.