Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello Blogateers!

I have had a good day so far. I didn't go to bed early though so I am kind of tired...darn time change. But I did my Jillian workout this morning and Harliegh started doing it with me! It was the funniest thing ever. She was trying to do the jump rope exercise, then after jump rope you do bicycle crunches. So she laid down on the ground and sighed "AHHHHH" and then put her feet up and grunted "Argggggh" it was too cute. After the workout I was stretching and she looked at me weird, walked over to me and pulled on my shirt to get me to stand up. So I did. She gave my a gruff look then started doing jump rope...So, how can you say no to that? I did about 30 more jump ropes! What a great motivator! After workout we went for a walk. It was soooo nice and beautiful outside! 53 degrees! So we went down to the lake for the first time this year. Hardly any snow left and not too many muddy puddles! It was nice, but now I am really tired.

So I was sitting last night writing out some recipes, I have a huge binder for recipes....and it's pretty much empty. I am horrible at writing down recipes I have tried and liked. So I ws thinking of trying a recipe exchange. Would you be interested?

This is how it would work, I think, I would write down a recipe on a index card. Then I would send that recipe to a list of interested people. Once you get your recipe, you have to write down a recipe on an index card and send it to me and whoever else you want to include. Every time you receive a new recipe you have to return the favor and send that person a new one. What do you think? Would it work? Or should I try something else? Comment me and let me know if you are interested and any good suggestions.


  1. I think it would be better if you emailed recipes, because mailing could get to be too much. Then you can just print them off, 3 hole punch them, and pop them into your binder. And I have been doing SO horribly this month with recipes. I feel like all of March has been a blur so far and its already half over! Ughhhhh.
    I can't wait to try Jillian.I will be sure to update you on its arrival.


  2. I'd be up for a recipe exchange. :) Hm. . . there was something else I wanted to say but now I can't remember