Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Good morning!

Well, I had a doctor's appointment this morning and since I HAD to get up and get dressed I went on a quick ten minute walk. It was refreshing and I feel more awake now than I usually do at this time. So I will try to do it again on Thursday and maybe work my way up to longer walks and possibly jogging. So my appointment was just a follow-up appointment for the GERD. Everything is looking good and my doctor even complimented my TEN pound weight loss since the last time I was in. I also paid attention to my blood pressure, thanks to Nathalie and her blog a few weeks ago. It was 110/60....I have no idea what that means...but that's good, right? I should refer back to Nathalie's blog. My doctor was also pretty impressed with my exercise and eating healthy! YAY ME!

Guess what today is? It is been 100 DAYS since I started using my Wii Fit! WOW! Now, of course, I didn't use it EVERY DAY but....it's been 100 days since I stepped on the balance boaurd and said "I need to get in shape and be healthier". I have lost ten pounds and a few inches and I am healthier all around. My wii fit age went from 50-ish to 23-ish. I have better balance and better body control. In just 100 DAYS. It makes me wonder waht else I could accomplish in just 100 days. Write a book? Write a few short stories? Learn to play Guitar? Train to run in a marathon? I feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING. Why not, right? I thought I would have quit this already and I am still going strong! So today I am going to make a new goal, non-weight related, because not everything has to be about weight. As you know I have another blog, Bookwormquinn, so my new goal is to write ten short stories in 100 days. That doesn't sound too bad, about a story every ten days. So keep an eye on my other blog and encourage me to keep going, because I need encouragement, and I couldn't have made it 100 days without YOU. (Sarah, Nathalie and Brooke especially) So Happy 100 to me! YAY!

On another note, I had another success....I got my husband to take a walk on Sunday and Monday! This is big for me because, well.....he just doesn't do outdoors and he likes to sit and play games all the time. Now that I am living a healthier life I am trying to encourage my family to do the same, because I love them and I want them to live a long, full, healthy life. I have also gotten Tyler (the hubby) to eat healthier for dinner and I am hoping to squeeze another walk or two out of him this week because it is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this week. It's supposed to be 70 + for the next three days! WOO!

You may have noticed, I didn't post my portobello mushroom recipe last night...it was not so good. I think the red wine vinegar just made it taste bitter...so yuck. But the point is I am trying to make new recipes, so it's ok that this was a FAIL!

Today is my yoga day and I am looking forward to it. I just feel....blah and tired and some yoga and a short nap sound PHENOMENAL!

A big shout out to Sarah, who is feeling a little down and could use some cheering up!


  1. Your BP is excellent, girl! Great job!

  2. Congrats on 100 days. I should keep track, but im going to try to keep track of how many days/lbs on weight watchers i do/lose. Yay. And thanks for the shoutout. Woohoo. You are awesome friend. :)