Sunday, March 14, 2010

getting close!

Hey everyone!
Just a short blog to make my weeks goals!

I have had a great week this past week. I lost 3 pounds! Now that's great, but it is unhealthy to lose too much in one week ( I think 5 is the max) But this means I am only need to lose about 6 pounds to reach my goal! WOOHOO.

I am going to post a pic...not to brag....just to show you that a little hard work can really pay off! As I am sure you all know, anyway!

This is my Wii Fit progress chart for weight. You can see how up and down the dots are....but they are all moving slowly down ward! Yippee!

And this is a pic of my Jillian abs after another week! This is why I love Jillian!

I think everyone has a trick that works the best for them, Jillian is mine. I hope you find yours soon if you haven't already.

So this was my last weeks goals...
1. Take my vitamins everyday
2. focus on drinking lots of water
3. make a meal plan and stick to it
4. workout everday- Jillian DVD on STTH and Wii Fit on MWF
5. try to go to bed earlier..I am setting my goal for 11:30-(this will be the hardest for me)

Guess what? I did ALL of them!

so here are some goals for next week....

1.Try to go to bed even earlier...maybe 11?
2. Try to do Jillian every day
3. Get up early twice and take a walk

and of course continue with the vitamins and water. I might up my calories soon, too. I don't want to get below my goal weight. I want to be a nice healthy weight. I can't believe since Jan 1st I have went from being on the border of overweight to the middle of my healthy range! YAY!

Well...hope you guys have a fantastic week!

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  1. I think goin to bed early sounds fabulous. In fact, I may do it tonight. Congrats on reaching near your goal! :)