Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, my aching back

Hello everyone!

I need your help, yes YOU. My Creative Writing teacher wants my entire class to submit a work to the college's literary magazine. If you are bored and have nothing better to do go to my writing blog
and read my short stories, "Red Shoes" and "The Forgettable Life of Patrick Sullivan". I am taking a poll to see which one is a better story. Thanks!

How is everyone doing otherwise? My back is killing me, I don't know if I did something while working out or if I slept wrong but I had to get up at 3am, nearly in tears, to take some tylenol and rub some icyhot on my back. Usually, I let Wednesday be my day off, and I was going to skip it this week, but a day off might be necessary. :(

When I stepped on the Wii Fit yesterday to weigh myself I was pleasantly surprised. I lost 1.8 pounds! Now, I am sure this was water weight, but still, it's something to be happy about. I am getting very close to my goal! Only 8 pounds to go!

Hope you guys are all doing fantastic and I hope Sarah&Emma are feeling much better and got some sleep!

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  1. Now, I hope YOU get better! Skipping your workout is probably a good idea, so you don't hurt yourself further.