Saturday, March 6, 2010

Starting Over

Well ladies, I think I have broken the slump....hopefully. I had a good nights sleep last night and got to sleep in this morning. I woke up with the sun shining brightly and the snow steadily melting and I felt great! I made a brunch for the family and after Harliegh took her nap I did a workout...for the first time all week since Monday!
I was surprised and thrilled to find that I haven't gained any weight, but it also made me think that maybe if I HAD worked I might have lost a couple pounds. OH WELL, I am not gonna dwell on it.
Tomorrow I am going to attempt the Jillian Michaels work out (YIKES!) and if all goes as planned I will continue doing it every other day. I am also seriously considering getting up early and taking a walk every morning. It's still a little cold here in the mornings but the ice is all melted off the sidewalks. I know next week will feel like starting all over but I need to get back into my routine.
Unfortunately because I was lazy all last week I also didn't do ANY homework. So this weekend I have to write a report and rewrite one (or both) of my short stories. Not too bad, but now I wish I would have just finished it earlier. Damn my procrastination!

I only have 9 pounds to lose to reach my goal. I wanted to be able to buy new clothes in May, do you think I can make it? We will see!

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