Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's Goals

Hello Everyone!
I haven't posted since Thursday! OOPS! But don't worry, I have been reading all of yours. So it's Sunday and that means it's time to evaluate last weeks goals and make new goals.

Here are my goals from last week:
1.Try to go to bed even earlier...maybe 11?
2. Try to do Jillian every day
3. Get up early twice and take a walk

Going to bed early....didn't work out so well. The time change screwed me up and for some reason I couldn't sleep at all last week. I stopped taking my vitamins because I was worried they were causing it but I haven't seen a difference so I might start them up again and just keep trying to go to bed earlier.

I did Jillian everyday up until Thursday. I think I pulled a muscle and I want to give it time to heal. Actually I did Jillian on Friday, too...I just skipped the workouts that I knew would hurt my leg.

I didn't get up early, but I did go on several walks. So I kinda half did this goal!

I weighed myself today and I have gained 1/2 pound. Nothing to be upset about...but a huge difference form the 3 lbs lost the week before! The only difference was that I didn't count calories....even though I hate doing, counting calories has proven to be effective over and over again.

So next week's goals:

1. Count calories, stick to my 1250 a day plan.
2. Try Jillian Level 2! (I'm a little scared) if my leg feels better, that is...
3.Do Jillian every other day and Wii Fit the other days
4. Bedtime: 11
5. Get up early and walk/jog by myself twice

I really want to reach my goal by May 1st, so I gotta focus and stay on track!

Seems like a couple of you are trying Jillian this week. I am excited to see what you think. Be prepared to hate Jillian (and probably me for recommending it) and to be SORE...but it's a good pain, right? RIGHT! Of course it is!

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  1. I am debating watching Jillian today and giving it a shot while the boys are at the races for the day. I'm a little nervous about starting it, but I am hoping that by doing her in combination with w.w. even a few days a week will really help. As for the sleeping thing, I think EVERYONE is screwed up in that department. We even had to move Emmas bedtime up because she wont go to sleep while its still light out at 8! Luckily it gets dark around 815-830. So, hopefully we can get her back on track soon too.

    Your goals are very reasonable, and I'm glad you commented/read my blog. I have been spreading word of it via twitter. I've gotten a few new readers that way. If you ever want to get some new readers, I'd suggest tweeting about your blogs! :)