Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!

Happy March!

It is beautiful today up in Minnesota! 33 degrees and the sun is out! So Harliegh and I decided to take a walk. We ended up walking around for
about 20 minutes, even though it was limited as to where we could walk since there is still a ton of snow and ice. I took pictures to share with you our
first real walk of 2010. Yep...that's A LOT of snow! But that is a HUGE improvement over what it was only a few weeks ago! I did take measurements today, but like I thought, there has been no change. Oh well. I will post new measurements on the 15th of March. MARCH....that sounds great doesn't it? April will sound even better!

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  1. I realllllllllly want to go for a walk, but Emma has no real winter gear. I'm jealous. I would love to smell the cold air. It's one of my favorite smells. it's just so crisp and clean. I'm proud of you for getting out of the house :)