Friday, March 12, 2010

Walk this way

Good Morning!

Did you know? It's supposed to be over 50 degrees on Monday! I am thrilled! Maybe I can start walking to the lake again! Nathalie sent me a pedometer and I am excited to see how long my walks are because when I was trying to lose weight last year walks really made the biggest difference. If you are just starting out working out/getting healthy I highly suggest starting with walks...maybe some yoga. I LOVE walks.

So today I am going to do Jillian again. I know I did it yesterday....but, I managed to make it through the whole thing without breaking and even somehow had energy to dance while making lunch. SO that's a sign I am ready to do it everyday. So I am going to do it today, then tomorrow I have class, then maybe take an easy day on Sunday. week, starting Monday, I am going to ATTEMPT it every day, I will just do the Wii Fit on days I absolutely don't think I can make it through Jillian. I sat down and watched Level 2 yesterday, so far I have stuck to Level 1. It looked like something from a horror movie! YIKES. But I think after one more week of doing Level 1, I may attempt it.

Right now, I am going to take my vitamin. Get my daughter dressed for the day and do my workout because I really need all of nap time to work on homework. Procrastination, eh?

Have a great, healthy weekend!

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  1. I ordered Jillian last night, and i'm nervous about trying it. Andrew gave me the okay on a sports bra (even though its $40, YIKES) so that I could do her crazy routines in comfort and without a black eye. Nonetheless, I have decided that I'm going to start a 30 day workout routine. Im going to do just like you, and I'm goin to do some form of workout every day. I doubt I'll make it through Jillian without a break with my knees, but I saw a preview where she does some knee warm ups and I hope that helps. Even if I don't feel like working out I'm goin to do my elliptical and jillian! Its been in the 50s and 60s for the last week here, so I think when Emma and I are feeling better I'm goin to start my walks again. Even if Andrew has to watch her for 30 minutes a day while I do it. I really want to take up running to be honest with you, but baby steps right? :) HOoray for your encouraging blogs, and constant jillian promoting. You should be getting paid for that!