Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello everyone!

So I tried Jillian Level 2 today and had to stop after the strength part of circuit 3. Not because I couldn't do it, but suddenly I had the need to vomit. I didn't...but it was close. Once I thought about it, I think this must be from my GERD I remember reading that I have to be careful not to workout too soon after eating with GERD. I had waited an hour, but maybe I should wait two. PLUS, I am sure all the jumping up and down and bouncing while in the plank position does not help with the reflux! I think on Friday, I will just wait the two hours adn see if that helps, if not...I am going back to Level 1. I don't really want to induce vomiting. Other than that, I really like Level 2.

I saw on the news this morning that women age 20 and up should do a minimum of one hour of moderate exercise a day to fight the weight gain after 50. Did you know that? I didn't but it makes me glad I am making lifestyle changes now!

So this is a pretty short blog...but I am tired.


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  1. Any work out is better than no workout. I think you should go back to level one, or maybe alternate between the two for a while? I used to have Reflux, so I know how much it can burn when you eat and try to workout. I know its gross but I used to get this burning feeling in my chest and would nearly throw up just then and there. I think that I'm going to start trying to incorporate yoga after breakfast to calm my body down and stretch it out, and then do Jillian/whichever workout I'm doing in the afternoon. Just do what you can, when you can. Plus, if its any consolation. I think you look effing fantastic, and I'm jealous of your results! :) Keep up the good work