Sunday, March 7, 2010

Next weeks goals

Good morning everyone!

How are you this morning? I am a little sore today from my workout yesterday, but that is to be expected since I have not worked out in a week!
Today I am going to start my vitamins! I got the generic, Target-Brand of One-a-day Metabolism. There is supposed to be something in there that boosts your metabolism. It's also supposed to give you energy. I really need energy! In the past I have not had good luck with vitamins, my prenatal vitamins made me sick and once I tried Centrum and those also made me nauseous but I am going to try vitamins again. Today I am also going to attempt my Jillian Michaels DVD. It's a love/hate relationship with that DVD, I hate it while I am doing it, but I can really feel it working. Also, I was looking at pics the other day and the week that I was doing that DVD every other day you could really see definition in my abs that you just couldn't see before and I haven't seen since. I am also going to take time today to make a meal plan for myself for the next few days. I find that if I do this I have a better chance of sticking to my goal 1200 calorie goal.

So thats my plan for the day, Now I need to make some goals for next week. Last week, as you know, I didn't stick to any of my goals, so I really need to try harder this week. So, here are my weeks goals.

1. Take my vitamins everyday
2. focus on drinking lots of water
3. make a meal plan and stick to it
4. workout everday- Jillian DVD on STTH and Wii Fit on MWF
5. try to go to bed earlier..I am setting my goal for 11:30-(this will be the hardest for me)

So, that's it. I think that those should be easy enough, right? In the next few weeks I want to start getting up early and walking/jogging in the morning, but I need to work up to that.

If you are interested, I will also be updating my Family Blog and my Writing Blog today, so if you are bored...check them out and leave some comments!


  1. If you want to go to bed earlier, that means I have to go to bed earlier. Ninety percent of the time I think we are each others reasonings for staying awake all night. I'm with you on the daily walk. I think I might start doing a 30 minute walk a day. Or at least a few times a week to start with. My thighs/legs were on fire last time, and I'm pretty sure that's not good but it's easier on my knees. :) You can do it. Good luck w/your goals friend.

  2. Good luck with the vitamins and 30 day shred! I've been thinking of trying that again. I attempted it about 50lbs ago and nearly died. I'm sure it would be easier now.

    All your goals sound great! I wish you luck!

    Also, don't be jealous about Alice In Wonderland. It wasn't great...but it wasn't horrible either. And I usually LOVE LOVE LOVE Burton's stuff.