Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. :(
I started out this weekend with my TOM. For some reason this one was a tough one for me emotionally, in fact I still feel out of it and it is come and gone. So unfortunately, I gave into my cravings and bought some doritos and oreos. In the past four weeks I have lost 4-5 pounds. When I weighed myself yesterday I had gained almost all of it maybe thats from TOM, but I will have to give it a day or two to see. But I do know that some of it has to be from those oreos and doritos.

Part of me wants to just give up. I am comfortable with my weight, honestly. I am in a healthy weight, but I just wanted to lose a few pounds so I can be HAPPY and comfortable with my weight...does that make sense? I also want to get healthy so I can prepare my body for baby number two. I want to be able to work out while I am pregnant so I won't have this struggle next time. But a tiny part of me just wants to say, "oh, you'll be just fine..." which may be true, but it seems like the lazy way out to me.

I think today I am going to start counting those dreaded calories. I might even post my log on here...if I think you guys are reading it then it will make me feel accountable.I am trying to think about how it may take two months to see real results, like Nathalie said, but it is hard to keep that in mind.

Somedays I think this is all just too much hard work. I am sure you all feel that way sometimes, too. It is real hard to balance nutrition, working out, being a mom, cleaning, getting time for myself, working on my writing, working on my school work...and somedays I just think that I need to get rid of something. But it all seems pretty important to me.

ok....enough complaining.

I am going to finish my smoothie and take a jog-in-place.


  1. Don't give up!! If this is something you really want, then keep doing it!

    I give you major props for juggling being a mom, school, work, and everything else. But to continue to do those things you need to be happy and healthy. So take the needed time for yourself!

    Now go count those calories! :o)

  2. Counting calories really does make a difference. And those lbs you gained back? Drink water. Lots of it. I know those Doritos are salty, and I suspect Oreos are too. I bet most of it is just water weight, due to all the sodium.

    And don't beat yourself up. One day isn't going to undo all your good work. Just take a deep breath and start over again, this minute. :) After all, if you got a ticket while driving today, you wouldn't proceed to break all the laws for the rest of the day would you?