Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cabin Fever

Hey bloggers!
I have been in a kind of a slump this week and not wanting to do ANYTHING, but I did get up and do a light workout. Right now I am feeling a little more motivated thanks to Sarah's blog she talked about how when people slow down in their blogging it makes her feel like everyone else gave up, so she should,too. I feel that way, too, so we should all help each other out and keep blogging! Like Sarah said...now is the time to be kick ass. We can do it!

So, I decided I need to get back on to counting calories...I am horrible at this, but when I started doing it a few weeks ago I lost a little over 2 pounds in a week! So I think tonight I am going to sit down and plan out my meal plan, including calorie count, for the next few days! If I stick to it, I will know I stayed to my limit, if I eat something extra, I will just have to add those calories in. As a reward, if I stick to my plan, I am going to allow myself to have some extra buttery popcorn when I go to the movies with my sister this weekend. I know you shouldn't reward with food...but I am a sucker for movie theater popcorn, honestly it is my biggest weakness. I can not go int o a theater without getting popcorn and a cherry coke. Plus, one day shouldn't throw me off too much.

I have been feeling the Cabin fever lately, too. I know that exercise will help me beat this, so why not make the most of it? I like to crack open the patio door while I exercise and pretend that it is spring....the fresh air does wonders for your mood...do you know you should get at LEAST 30 min of fresh air a day? I want to take Harliegh outside, especially since it is Minnesota Nice (30 degrees) but the snow goes up to my waist so I have a sneaking suspicion it would not be very fun.

Another thing that has been getting me down is that I am feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do lately....usual mom stuff, housework, homework.....so I made a list of everything I needed to do this week and I plan on checking at least two things off the list everyday.

So everyone, stay motivated!!! Don't give up now.


  1. I'm glad my blog motivated you. I just noticed Nathalie was over here at blogger now, so she's easier to find for me. Woo. I always keep an eye on Brooke's blogs as well. So I think that we 4 girls can keep one another motivated if we keep trying. I may not be able to blog daily, but im goin to try. maybe we should start sharing recipes again. I know I could use a little extra help in that department. Oh and Ill share out of my new cookbook as well!

  2. Hey! See, now if you were in NC you could walk outside every day, lol! :) You know, to beat that overwhelmed feeling I have a planner that I use every day. I plan out my next day every evening, and even if I don't follow my plan exactly, I feel so much more in control of what I need to do, and of my environment! :) Target (if you have one near you) has some nice ones for about $7. :) I hope that helps.