Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rough night

Hello everyone,
It was a rough night and has been a slow morning for me. Harliegh seems to have picked up a cold (I suspect the drs office on Monday...darn sick people going to hospitals!!!) I noticed she felt a little warm as I was putting her to bed and sure enough, she was up every two hours the rest of the night. Finally, around 4, I gave her some tylenol. Imust have slept wrong, or maybe its from being on edge all night listening for my sick baby, but my neck is stiff and I can't move my head. The pain has spread up to my head and down my shoulder and back now. So, I don't see exercise in my future for today...sure some yoga MIGHT help, but I am scared it will make it worse. So I figured today i will focus on homework. At naptime I think I will take some tylenol and try to sleep a little. I know I already took a rest day on Monday, but sometimes things happen and I feel like this will be most beneficial for me, especially if I end up catching this cold from Harliegh, which I probably will!
You will be happy to hear, though, that I have stuck to my meal plans! But for now, I should probably go. I have a sick baby to take care of and some homework to start.

Send some comment love, I need it today!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Har is sick. Emma is too so we are in the same boat. I miss yoga desperately, and it usually made me feel a lot better. I am going to try to slowly start doing it again, so I will need lots of encouragement.
    You should never feel guilty about taking a break. If you pushed yourself today and did what you didn't want to do, you'd just end up stressed and annoyed and you'd not want to work out tomorrow. At least you are doing other productive things, and sometimes motherhood, school, work, and whatever else will have to come before working out. As long as you keep eating right and stay healthy, you'll do fine. :)