Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hey guess what time it is?

Time for an amazing, awesome, totally rad BONUS BLOG!

Yes, I already blogged today but you can have a free one just for being you. Air High-Five!
But...If you haven't read the first one, shame on you...and make sure you go read it...NOW. Go on, do it.

Sorry...my brain is a little bonkers right now.
So I tried out a little more of The Biggest Loser Wii game. Another thing I don't like...I couldn't figure out where to go to weigh myself. Maybe I am only allowed to weigh myself on weigh-in days, like the show? I don't know...but I think that should at least be an option. But I randomly chose a challenge to do just to see how it was. YIKES! I shouldn't have done that.
First...keep in mind that I already did Jillian Level 1 this morning...and we all know how much that can take out of you. So, I picked this challenge where you have to "cycle" to light up ten bulbs. Of course, I am not on a bicycle, my character was. But this is what you have to do. You switch from doing high-knees, (like butt kicks only you are bring your knees up to 90 degress instead of back to kick your butt) and football runs ( legs spread a little outside hips, and you "run" really quickly, while barely lifting your feet off the ground-think of any football movie you have ever seen) Ok...so you switch back and forth between these two exercises until you light up all ten bulbs. The faster you go, the faster you light up the bulbs but on average this seemed to take one minute. That is one round. THEN...you continue doing this for TEN freaking rounds. UGH! I was drenched in sweat and thought I was going to die! But I survived...and I actually don't feel too bad right now. I will tell you one thing, though...I love Bob...he is so much nicer than Jillian. Do they make Bob's 30 day Shred?

So....I haven't weighed myself in quite a few days. I pulled out the Wii Fit and stepped on it..and I have officially hit the ten pounds lost mark! I am really excited about that! When I started this my goal was to lose 15, so only 5 pounds to go! WOWZA!

I was also thinking about something today. Everything I have heard/read lately says women should exercise one hour a day to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight. This does not include light workout...cleaning, walking, etc. This is moderate to intense workout. This sounds sooo hard to me, especially being a stay at home mom. But NEXT week I think I might challenge myself to try it for one week. Just to see how it feels. I will probably go back to 20-30 minutes workout after that, but I want to challenge myself. I was thinking...20 minutes of Jillian in the morning, 20 minutes of wii fit or biggest loser in the afternoon and I figured 20 minutes of yoga combined with a 20 minute walk will probably make up for the rest. What do you think? Tell me if you think this sounds insane. I may not be thinking clearly after that crazy challenge!


  1. An hour a day? No thank you. I will stick to 30 minutes, but your plan sounds good.

  2. That would be so funny if they made Bob's 30 day shred. . . lol. . .