Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's raining compliments!

Today I was thinking that I love to get compliments. Who doesn't, right? Sometimes when people are negative towards me it will spurn me to try harder to prove them wrong, but it;s done out of anger. But when I get a compliment, I want to move on because I know people are paying attention. It makes me happy and one compliment can give me fuel to keep going for at least a week. Compliments are powerful stuff.

So today I am going to take a moment to shower you , yes YOU, with compliments because I think you deserve it, and I think people should let each other know how they truly feel. So sit back, relax, and bask in the compliments. ENJOY!

Sarah- We started this together so I am going to start with you. You are a great friend and a great listener. Sure, you can vent for hours...but what matters is that when you are are always ready to listen to me. That's a sign of a great friend. I envy you for your eyes. You have big, beautiful, gorgeous eyes. My eyes are tiny and boring. I wish I had your eyes. I also think you an amazingly talented photography, too. Your writing is great, too. Your poetry very lyrical and I think you could be a songwriter. You and your husband should write music together. I don't know how talented he is on the guitar but you guys could learn and grow together. But your's amazing! I can really see the depth of your passion in your photos. Even the dark adn depressing photos...I can see your happiness in each picture. You know on the movie Hook when they are looking for teh real Peter Pan? And they find it in the corner of his mouth? I can see the real you in your photos. Do something with that talent.

Nathalie-I knew you in high school and I am so grateful that we are friends again. I never told you...but I love your smile. Even back then, with your braces in, I thought you had a great smile. You still do of course! And you can SING. I never knew you could sing in high school. But I heard you sing in that video you made and I was amazed. Why didn't you try out for the musical in Waynesville? I would have given you my spot as a villager...I can't carry a tune to save my life. i wish I would have talked you into it. I am jealous of your knitting ability. I can barely crochet, and as it turns out, I crochet wrong to begin with. But your knitting is beautiful. I am also impressed by your writing ability. I knew you could write in high school. When I read your short story (and hopefully will see more soon) I wanted to put my pen down and quit my attempt at writing. You make it seem so effortless. Your details and subtle humor are great. You understand that your readers are not stupid and will figure out things are their own (something I struggle with-I want to expalin EVERYTHING). You are so talented!

Brooke- I don't really know you outside of your blog. But I know you like Garden you must have great taste! You are an inspiration. I read your blog and feel so motivated...not just to lose do ANYTHING I put my mind to. Nothing seems to get you down. Even when you have an obstacle you seem to take it and move on. And you have done AMAZING things in one year. AMAZING. I also love your photography, you need to post more blogs on your photography. I think your pics are bright, cheery and hopeful. Just like you! I love your bold use of color, too. are just plain adorable!

Tyler- (yes he reads my blog daily) My husband. I am one lucky girl. You are a great husband, Tyler. No matter what I look like, no matter what I weigh, you always say I look great. You support me in anything I do and seem to be truly interested in everything I do. You are also a great father. I am jealous that Harliegh calls for you, several times, every day. and sometimes I am jealous of how much she loves you. I know she loves me, too. But you guys have a special connection that it amazing and beautiful. I know I nag you to be healthy but it's only because I want to share a nice long life with you!

Now I was going to make a longer list of a lot of other people...but I figured I would just focua on my most loyal readers and commenters. (Is that a word?) Thank you all for being there for me and pushing me to be a better person. on to something a little less sappy. As you know, I am getting closer to reaching my goal. As a reward I am getting my hair done and buying new clothes. I need your advice. I am torn with what to do to my hair. I am keeping the length, because I want to grow it out. But I am going to get more choppy layers put in to give it more shape, it's kinda shapeless right now. But I am trying to decide how to color it.

This is my hair as of today. Kind of a cinnamony color. This is my natural hair color. So option 1 is to leave it like this and maybe get some subtle honey colored highlights to lighten it up for the summer.

And this is me a few years ago when my hair was always bright, strawberry blonde. So Option 2 is to get my hair dyed back to this blonde color and get some fun, funky color streaks...liek the picture below...Just a little taste of color.

Here is my argument for both:
Option 1: I do like my natural color, and the blonde will brighten it without doing anything drastic. Plus it will be easy to maintain, don't really have to worry about roots for while.

Option 2: I like me as a blonde, too. I feel I look younger and in a way it fits my personality. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted soem funky color in my hair and have NEVER done it. Right now would be a good time because I am a SAHM and student and don't have to have a "professional" look.

So what do YOU think? Put your votes in now!

Have a great day!


  1. Hooray. You made me smile, and I needed it after a very blah day. I wish we had been closer when we worked together, and could have hung out and really gotten to know each other more in person. Luckily, we've been talking for years now so I dont think seeing each other in person should be TOO awkward! As for your hair, i love option 1. I think if you did color you would have to redo it too often and that could get annoying and spendy. Plus, I think you look so good without the color. I actually almost dyed my hair yesterday. I'm debating going back to brown (roots are starting to come in as a dark auburnish brown) or just keeping it all red. I think red hair fits my SPUNKY personality, don't you? Funny, I'm a natural blonde ;) (or at least used to be.)

  2. Quinnie, that was so sweet, you almost made tears come to my eyes! And thank you for the compliments. I was always so glad we were friends, and when I couldn't find your address and write you anymore, I was soooo sad. I've been looking for you for years! As for the hair. . . I love the way your hair looks right now. Nothing against the layers, but your hair is just so perfect at the one length. I would leave it that length, and if you don't have them right now, ask for some long layers.I loved your full straight bangs, so I would stick with that (its so now, and you pull it off well), and maybe get a few highlights in, like a golden type thing. Or maybe try out red. I think the darker color suits your more though.