Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Blog-Day's Happy Blog Friday!


Some things that make me happy:

My daughter and all the new words she is learning lately.

Writing...and believing that I can accomplish my 10/100 challenge.

My husband and good news from his work!

Friends...especially all you blog readers.

Flats and Flip-Flops, yes the shoes. The closest thing to barefoot I can get.

Yummy nut mixes. (Planter's NUTrition Energy mix)

Possibility of being in a writing group and making friends.

My maid. Ok, I don't really have a maid but the thought of one makes me happy.

The feeling I get after a good workout, you know...once the "OMG, I think I am dying" phase has past.

Nieces and Nephews...I will be getting one more of each this summer!

Jimmy John's sandwiches.

My daughter's cheesy grin.

So that is a pretty good could go on and on and on....

Tomorrow I start Spring term in school. Ugh. I am not looking forward to ALGEBRA! But I am taking a class called "Human Identity through the Creative Arts" yes, it's a mouthful. It sounds pretty easy and fun, though.

OH! And if you are wondering...I have finished my first story for my 10/100 challenge. I will be posting it later on THIS BLOG if you want to read it. If you don't see a new story...check back tomorrow.

Well, will ya look at entire blog without talking about weight.


  1. Almost all of those things make me happy too! I mean, who doesn't love flip flops? Actually, I hated them until a few years ago. Weird huh? Hooray for happy Fridays. We should do happy mondays instead, because thats the day we need a pick me up the most. But, I like Fridays better. Its a good way to end the week. I loved your silly pics btw. :)