Saturday, April 24, 2010

FLF-late edition

Sorry guys that I haven't posted in a few days. My allergies have gotten really bad the past few days. I honestly can't remember it ever being this bad. My eyes itch and are puffy, my nose is runny and sneezy, my ears itch, my Eustachian tubes itch, my throat itches and feels swollen. Even my skin itches. It's horrible. To make matters worse, I have discovered that Harliegh has inherited my allergies! She has had all the same symptoms as me the past couple days. :( I gave her some zyrtec and will give it to her through the weekend and if she is not better by Monday we are making a trip to the doctor. I wish I could take away all her suffering and pile it on to me. She looks miserable!

So I guess I missed Fun-Loving Friday. Can I just say that I would LOVE to not have allergies?

No? That doesn't really count? Ok, fine...

Hmmm....well, today I am going to go shopping to get stuff for the Baby shower I am throwing for my sister. I actually have two sisters pregnant at the moment! My sister, Misty, is due in August and she is having a girl. They are going to name her Natalie Paige ( I thought you might like that Nathalie!) She is the one I am throwing the shower for. My other sister, Shalene, is due in July and is having a boy. I am not sure if they had settled on a name yet, but the last I heard it was Raiden Charles. Someone else is throwing her shower.

Last night I ran to Target to get out of the house and bought a present for Misty's baby, and today I will also look for a gift for Shalene's baby. Shopping for new babies are so much fun! I am also going to attempt to make a diaper cake for the shower. Wish me luck.

I am also getting Harliegh a bed today. I think she is ready, I hope she is. We are going to leave her crib up for a while just in case she's not. But its a big step and I am excited...and a little sad! My baby is turning into a big girl. She even will climb up the stairs at the playground and climb through a tunnel and go down a slide. ALL BY HERSELF. In fact, she refuses to let me help! :( She is way too brave and independent!
So this is my late edition of FLF! Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I can't wait to get Emma into a bed. We're going to get her a whole bedroom set for her birthday in October. Good luck on the shower. FLF is always a bit challenging isn't it? You know what you love, but its rough to think of something on the spot to share with the world. :) I hope you and Har feel better soon.