Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picture day...again

Hello bloggerettes (most of you are girls)

How goes it today? Today is the 15th! Which means.....picture day.

This week I have seen no results. Well, technically....I gained three pounds and have lost three pounds. So I am back where I started. OH WELL. Like I said before, I am not so concerned about the number anymore. Just staying healthy.
So here are my latest pics. I wasn't going to post these, cause honestly I don't think they are much different from my last pics. But Sarah wanted me to since she did. :)

So here is the last pic from the 1st-ish I think?

And here is me now. It's hard to compare because these are on my cell phone and my arms were up.

Believe it or not, I did have a some stretch marks and they have faded almost completely! I am excited to go shopping soon! I need new clothes! And....this body is from Jillian, walking, yoga, and eating right...oh and drinking a ton of water. Pretty soon I am going to post a long blog about what changes I have made since January 1st. I know that we all have different journeys but I really feel liek you can learn SOOO much form reading other peoples blogs. I learn a lot of new cooking things from Nathalie, I learned about C25k from Brooke and learned that support is the number when thing when it comes to new challenges from Sarah, who honestly has been one of my biggest supporters!
Here is a pic of me just being me since most of my pics are me right after a workout when I look gross....LOL

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  1. Okay first of all, you look fantastic and I cant wait to look like that. Second of all, I'm not "one of your biggest supporters" I AM your biggest supporter. We started this weight GAIN journey together, and then we started this weight LOSS journey together. And I think posting a blog about your changes is a great idea. Let me know when you do it, and I might do it as well. I think it would be fun if we CO WROTE a blog. Like if I wrote one and sent it to you and you added your thoughts in a dif font color, or vice versa. Fun right? Hmm?
    HUGS Quinn.
    Youre like a big sister to me, and I cant wait til you get my letter in the mail.