Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey Hey

How is everyone doing? Well, today, once again, I did not get up to walk. I am thinking about just shelving this goal for now.It's just that I get my best sleep the last few hours of the morning, I now I can adjust that...but it's hard. Today I went to a taste testing. It's something you can do around here (and maybe where you live to...who knows) where you can go in and taste something, today it was a banana nut muffin, take a quick survery...and just like that, in less than 15 have made $30! The downside is, I only get called to do it a couple times a year. So I dropped Tyler off at work and then Harliegh and I went to Target, and yes, I spent that money. I bought a new shirt for myself since all of my old shirts are a bit stretched out and too big, I am pretty excited about that. I also bought something for Tyler...I can't tell you cause he reads my blog daily, and I bought Harliegh some cute summer shoes that were on clearance! Yay for good deals! After running around for awhile we stopped for lunch, Harliegh and I shared a kids meal because she never finishes them anyway. It was nice having a day of shopping with just the girls! When I got home, I put Harliegh in bed for a nap and got in my workout clothes with all intentions of doing Jillian. I stepped on my patio for a minute and thought,'s perfect outside today. I laid down on my porch swing, and I was out. Yep, I fell asleep! By the time I woke up I figured it was way too late to workout if I still wanted to shower, blog, clean, get dinner ready all before picking up Tyler at work. So....oops. Oh well.
Tomorrow I am headed to Iowa to visit family for the weekend. I am planning on fitting in Jillian at my usual time...about 9:45...because we aren't planning on leaving the house until 11 and it will be my last chance to get in a workout until Monday. Maybe Sunday.....

On another note- I am starting a 10/100 creativity challenge. I originally started this for myself to try to get myself to write more, but I think I may have talked Nathalie into it, too. Any other takers? Sarah? Brooke? I know you are both artistic. I am challenging myself to write 10 stories in 100 days, but it can be anything, poetry, photography, etc. We shouldn't focus on just being healthy, we need something to be passionate about in our lives. Not that we aren't passionate about being healthy, but know what I mean. If you are interested just mosey on around my other blog Bookwormquinn and check it out. Maybe we can work some reward program out...or we can ALL start new blogs. I don't know...just an idea.

And back to the health topic, I have a lot of fun, new recipes planned the next two weeks. I will be sure to post the good ones!

Have a healthy weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. A nap on a porch swing sounds amazing. I hope you have a good time in Iowa. I haven't worked out all week, because Ive just been so drained. I hope I can get back on track next week, now that my arm hurts less. If/when I get to Iowa we should go for walks around the park with the girls. Wooh.

  2. Yeah, you did talk me into it. :P I'm trying to think about what to write about as we speak.