Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's Sunday night and I just realized I haven't made next weeks goals.

I think Brooke has talked me into this C25K. Maybe....I don't know why but I am so nervous about trying to run. Silly, right? Since I have been doing Jillian? I should be able to run, right? And I take long walks everyday...I don't know...I just wish I had someone to run with me. weeks goals

Try to do C25k MWF
Do Jillian Level 1 MWF...if I am up to it after c25k
Do Jillian Level 2 TTH
Track calories...I have had a bad food week :( but I may up my calories a little since I am more active now
Keep track of water (it's been a bad week for this, too)

Well...that's my health goals, I also have to write another story and work on homework...and don't forget Spring Cleaning!Ugh, my mind hurts just thinking about it.

Sorry, this is a boring blog...I am just not feelin' it tonight. I am a much better blog writer in the mornings!


  1. Lol, I feel that way about running too. But I decide when I started walking to up my mileage every four weeks, and once I get to 5 miles, I'm going to tackle running.

  2. When I went running last week, I felt silly as well. I don't think I look as good as those other runners. I probably look like my legs and arms are flailing stupidly. I tried to run full force for ten minutes though, and I nearly killed myself. You can do it. Good luck!
    Ps I'm a better blog writer in the morning too.