Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The end is near...

Hey everyone,
WOW...it's been a rough week. My mind is blahhhhhhhh....so if this doesn't make sense....sorry.
Harliegh is starting to feel a tiny bit better. it's still been a rough day, though. We are going on day 6 of this and all the nights and days are blurring together. She is on antibiotics now adn teh dr. said she should be almost back to normal within 2-3 days. So there is an end in sight!

On fitness related news...my sister randomly called me today and asked if I wanted to run. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday and I am actually getting to the point where I enjoy working out so I was very happy that she called me. She is on week 2 of C25k and I was a little scared of starting on week 2. We had to take Harliegh in the stroller (it was nice outside and she had a jacket and a hat) and my sister's yorkie, but it went great. i was actually surprised that I didn't get too tired during the run and I am thinking that if my brother won't start running with me again I might try to finish C25K on my own, I actually thought it was fun and relaxing. But maybe it was just a nice break from being trapped in a stuffy house with a sick baby! I am glad she came and got me to run though because I was actually starting to feel unmotivated and slipping into old habits. Now, though, I am planning on attempting Jillian...if my poor, sick little girl will let me! I also haven't weighed myself in over a week...so it will be interesting to see what damage I have done!

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