Sunday, January 10, 2010

Class....and Cleaning

Hey Everyone. How are your weekends going so far?
My classes went okay, Creative Writing actually went by quickly and I think I am going to like how it is taught. I was horrified when I saw that he puts poems written by students up on the board for all to read and discuss and critique. But in away, this is a good thing because I will work harder on my poem to perfect it. Just so you know, I am horrible at all things poem related, reading, writing, analyzing...ugh. So this will be a struggle, but it will be a great learning experience and help me to come out of my shell a little more. My graphic design class on the other hand...BORING! I am hoping it's because the teacher wasn't feeling well. He talked for 2 and a half hours about a training exercise we had to do to get used to the Adobe Illustrator equipment. Then the rest of the time we did the exercise...which was, literally, tracing lines on the computer...that's all. But I think it could be more interesting once we have real projects to work on.

Sorry to bore you about my classes! The lunch I packed yesterday was great...I didn't even have to eat the candy bar or pb sandwich! I did however have to walk around for half an hour to search for a place to eat my that counts as part of my workout.HAHA I planned on doing some yoga after class since I was so stiff from sitting all day, but I realized 8 hours of class can do wonders as a sleep aid. I was soooooo tired. I dozed off on the couch at 9...then woke up at 1030 and went back to bed...where I happily slept until 9. WOW! It was such a beautiful sleep, too!
Today I decided I am focusing on cleaning. My room is a mess. A total mess. So that is my goal for today...get my room cleaned. I might step on the wii for my Body test and some yoga, if I get around to it.

Sorry for the incredibly boring blog.

so , to copy Sarah's closing style

Peace, Love and Healthy Choices!

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