Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was sitting here chatting with Miss Sarah and she was trying to talk herself out of doing her workout. I simply said to her "Just do's only 20 minutes" or something like that. A few minutes later we both logged off and I curled up on my chair to watch some corny abc family movie. It was about time for the season premier of Project Runway to of my favorite series and suddenly I started feeling guilty and hypocritical for telling Sarah to work out.

I mean, one of my goals LAST week was to get in a relaxing evening workout and here I was sitting on the couch telling Sarah, "'s just 20 minutes". Part of the reason I haven't gotten that extra workout in is because after Harliegh goes to bed...I shut down. I stop cleaning, working out, doing homework. It's bad...I shouldn't do that because if you take away those precious hours after she goes to bed and before I go to bed, the only time I have left to focus on anything besides Harliegh is naptime...which averages about 2 hours a day...if I'm lucky. I am not super woman...I can't fit everything into 2 hours!

Ok...I got off an a bit of a tangent there....sorry. But the main reason I don't workout is because, simply put...I wanna watch tv. So, as Project Runway started and I started feeling like a hypocrite I got up and compromised with myself. Ok, Quinn, you can do both...20 minutes of relaxing Yoga WHILE you watch thats what I did. And it felt amazing!

So basically what I am saying is...if you can't workout or stick to a healthy goal, think about the reasons. Are you TRULY not able to do it for a real reason, or are you talking yourself out of it?

I forgot to mention early that I have noticed a difference in my body while working out on the wii fit. I noticed today that I seem stronger and more balanced. Exercises I was horrible at when I started I can now manage, though its not near perfection yet. I am noticing that my movements doing routines are more strong and less shaky and unbalanced.
The wii fit has you do a body test every day. It starts with a center of balance test. When I started my balance was way off center, is very close to center! Then it weighs you and measures your BMI...I already told you those results. But waht i like is if you gained a pound or more it asks you for a reason and then addresses ways to change this habit.So it makes you accountable. The next step in the body test is a series of body and mind exercises. Usually this consists of different balance tests in which you have to shift your balance and sometimes you also have to do mind picking anumber greater than 4, putting numbers in order, stuff like that. Then when you are presents you with your "Wii Fit Age". When I started I think my age averaged to around 50 (yes....yikes). But for the past 4 or 5 days my age has avereaged around 25!! So I am definitely making progress somewhere...even if it doesn't show up on the scales or the tape measure!

Ok , thats all for tonight!
Good night!

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