Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Same Stuff, Different Day

Hey Hey Hey!
How has your day been? I am doing okay. I go up this morning, made a delicious smoothie and Harliegh and I did our favorite workout, the "30 minute Dance Party". I ate up the leftovers of my vegetarian meal for lunch and then when Harliegh went down for a nap I did my Wii Fit workout. I did a great workout and the last ten minutes I worked on strength exercises. Boy, some of theose are HARD. I tried a new one today called "One Arm Stand". You hold you arm straight up in the air and then lie down on the floor, then you stand back up again...all without moving your arm. You do this about five times and then switch arms and do it five more times. I thought I was going to die! So I worked out for a total of 46 minutes, I was planning on following it up with a ten minute jog but I was too worn out after the strength training! Yesterday I got in about an hour and fifteen minutes of work out through out the day. So tonight I think I will do a 10 minute jog in place while I watch tv followed by 15 minutes of Yoga. I think I am going to try to average between 60-90 minutes of workout through out the day, some light and some heavy.

Tonight I am making a delicious dinner of chipotle steak, spanish rice, and corn. We are splitting one steak between the three of us since I am trying to eat less meat. The spanish rice recipe is marked as Low-Fat in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (its on page 88 if you have it). If I have time maybe I will take pics and post recipes later tonight.

Sso...yeah...I know, what a boring blog...but it helps motivate me when I think there are people reading and watching my "progress" or lack thereof. LOL

On a side note....When is Spring going to get here? Is it too early to be thinking about that? I live in Minnesota, so the answer is yes. Sometimes it doesn't warm up until May! But I still want it to hurry, I am looking forward to walks and maybe jogging in the mornings. Think Spring thoughts!

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