Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have been bad today :( First, today was my day to sleep in so I stayed in bed until 10:30 which means no morning workout for me. But I got up and had a smoothie. Today's smoothie was a delicious Peach Blueberry! Then I hada turkey sandwich fro lunch with lettuce, tomato and alfala sprouts(yum). I had all intentions of working out after I put the baby down for a nap....but...instead I spontaneously decided to go and get my hair cut. I haven't had a cut since last February so I say it was about time. While I was at the mall I decided it would be a good time to get my eyes checked, too, why not? So after my cut I headed to get my eyes checked. I found out I still have 20/20 vision but a lot of my eye strain and blurry/shaky vision comes from chronic dry eye, so I have to put eye drops in. The doc also suggested getting reading glasses to help with the strain since he noticed my left eye was slightly blurry. So I started looking for soem glasses...and the lady who was helping me came out and informed me that my they did not accept my insurance plan. UGH! I politely informed them just in August my husband was here with the exact same plan and got the whole exam plus glasses for FREE! Long story short....nearly two hours later I walk out of the office and was told they would call me on Monday after they cleared things up.
So by the time I was heading home it was about 6:30, my husband called and said he want McDonald's (sigh) and since I was starving and it was getting late I got some for myself too. Shame on me.
So....not a good day in the weightloss department. Tomorrow WILL be better.

I might try to get a short workout in tonight, but I don't like working out too much before bed.

Here is the damage for today:

Smoothie= 306
Turkey Sandwich=300
McDonald's Cheeseburger=580 (yikes)
French Fries=230 (ugh)
Sugar-free Lemonade=10 (woohoo!)


So, I am still under my goal of 1500...even though some of that was definitely NOT good calories!
I can still "afford" to have another small snack if I get hungry later!

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