Thursday, January 21, 2010

Measurements 3

Whew...what a day. wasn't THAT bad...but I can complain sometimes, right?

So last night our internet went out, apparently it was out in the whole town, and it didn't come back on until about 5 or so. I have come to realize that the internet is my release, if I get stressed out, I take a ten minute internet break. It's also become part of my routine, its the first thing I do in the morning. (I sound like an addict, don't I? Maybe just a little...) But seriously, I am a stay at home mom and the world wide web is sometimes my only contact with the outside world. I go crazy without if I know I can't get out of the house...I feel trapped, I need to get over this. So this morning, frustatedand grouchy I did a great 30 minute workout, confident that the internet would be up and running by the time I was wasn't. So like an addict trying to kick the habit, I was grumpy and stressed the rest of the day. I didn't do anything most of the day, not another workout (shame on me) I didn't even clean my house until around 3. I mentioned before that I KNOW how to eat healthy, but I eat when I am stressed. I called Tyler and asked him to bring me lunch, a bean burrito from Taco Bell.Then I fantasized about oreo's and doritoes the rest of the day...luckily I don't keep them in the house so my healthy lifestyle wasn't completely in the toilet. I couldn't even stress eat through the box of chocolates sitting on my counter because I ran out of my GERD medication...and I don't want to be up all night in pain. NO THANKS. It didn'thelp my stress factor that I have homework I needed to do on the internet, due tomorrow. So I was also worried about that,

Whew....sorry for that rant. I am better now and tomorrow will be better. Now onto health-related news.

Both Sarah and Brooke had great blogs tonight! I feel guilty for even publishing this piece of rambling nonsense after reading theirs! Sarah made a great point about how this "Six-week Challenge" becoming a lifestyle change and I really feel like this could be true! I have never stuck to a health plan this long and I owe it all to Sarah, Nathalie and Brooke for keeping me going. Thanks guys!
Today I found myself happily entertained reading a cook book! I was already planning next weeks menu and I was even paying attention to calories and fat! It is really fun finding great new recipes! I have also upped my workout time to between 60-90 minutes (broken up through out the day) ...though today was not a good day and I only got 20 minutes in, I am not going to stress out about it.
So today is the 21st...which mean the end of week 3! Which also means....measurement day!
I was going to post a picture...but...well...I didn't feel like it today. So I will post tomorrow,though I am not expecting visible results.
This week started out bad, I gained 2.4 pounds over the weekend. But I worked extra hard, and now I am proud to say that I not only lost the 2.4 pounds I gained, but I also lost an additional pound! I also have lost another 1/2 inch off my waist and a 1/2 inch below my belly button. WOOHOO! I have also noticed that I feel a lot stronger and I am getting significantly better at a lot of exercises I was terrible at. So...not a bad week.

My goals for next week:
Pay closer to attention to the calories consuming and planning for meals
stick to working out at least 60 minutes a day...even on my bad days

Week we come! Keep up the amazing work girls!

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