Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Feel Like Dancing!

So it's been a pretty decent day so far! I did a good 30 minute workout on the Wii Fit and after Sesame Street, we turned off the tv and had our own little dance party. As I was dancing around, Harliegh looked at me very strangely but before long she was dancing around with me. We danced around for about 20 minutes and I was EXHAUSTED! I was sweating and my muscles were sore...but it felt great! I also found an "exercise" for us mommies. We all like to toss our babies in the air, right. Well, next time, as your holding your baby bend your knees and flex your ab muscles, then as your tossing baby, extend your knees. As you catch baby go back to bending your knees. After about 5 reps of this, you really feel it in your thighs, abs and lower back muscles...not to mention your arms. Take a break adn then do another 5...you can really feel it, and your baby will love it! Ok...so it's not new or innovative or anything...but it does work!

So I felt pretty confident that I got a great workout today and decided to take a little nap. WOOHOO!

I decided I am not going to track my food calories anymore, I have been meeting my goal everydayand I am pretty smart about portion size...so...it's just a big hassle. I might every once in awhile to make sure I am on the right track, but I think for the most part I do a pretty good job.

My weight is still decreasing by 0.4 lbs a day, not bad! It is so nice to see that dotted red line on my Wii Fit graph moving slowly, gradually DOWN! I feel much healthier in general. I amstarting to LOVE Yoga and find myself wanting to do it several times a day. I can really feel my core muscles gradually strengthening, also...it might be my imagination...but I am not fighting it.

Well...I am off to go to the library. I wish it were warm enough to walk there again! That was my favorite summer activity last year! But...it is only -25 with the windchill, so probably NOT a good idea...even without taking Harliegh! I can't wait for Spring, can you?
Which reminds me...In April I have to take a P.E. class! I am hoping Iwill learn a lot about fitness and the best ways to stay healthy,lose weight and maintain weight once you get to a good weight. I will be sure to pass on this info to you lucky readers!

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