Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick baby :(

Hi everyone!

How was your day today? Mine started out kind of lazy, Harliegh had a fever last night of 102! I gave her some tylenol and put her to bed at the usual time and this morning her temp was only at 100.1. So I decided to take it easy this morning and work on homework. My creative writing teacher loaded us up with work and I am a little behind, but I now only have one report to write, about 100 pages to read in a book, 2 more poems to write and find something to bring to class to write a "Found Poem", any suggestions? That sounds like a lot, but that is less than half of what I did have. I have to have this all done by Saturday!
After Harliegh went down for a nap I figured I had no excuse so I put in a good 40 minute workout, took a shower and here I am now, blogging. Yesterday and today I have noticed a decent drop in weight, though I am still making up for the 2.4 pounds gained this weekend.
I haven't decided whether I am making Cream Herb pasta or homemade mac and cheese. The pasta is only about 150 calories a serving! I noticed, though, that I need to pay attention to the meals I am planning, because even though the mac and cheese sounds amazing it is around 600 calories a serving! That is about 1 1/2 cups per serving though and that sounds like an awful lot! I will just have to make sure I eat more veggies than anything else.
Here is a tip I have been trying when I eat. Always give yourself more veggies than anything else. When You start eating, start with the healthiest food and work your way around the plate to the least healthiest. Eat slowly and chances are you will be full before you actually finish the unhealthy food. Not sure if it makes a difference but inmy mind it makes sense!

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