Thursday, January 14, 2010

Measurements Part 2

Good Morning everyone! This morning Harliegh woke up at 7:30 and I was not ready to get up all! Ugh. But I got up, had a small breakfast and made myself do my morning yoga. It felt good...but I am thinking I need to add some energetic exercises in there to help me wake up. The just relaxes me and makes me want to go to sleep.

Speaking of yoga...I am HORRIBLE at anything that requires me to stand on one foot. I just don't have the strength or balance. Any suggestions on how to improve this?

So today is the end of week 2 of our 6 week challenge. I did not see much change this week, which is a little discouraging, but I am sticking with it for at least six weeks. I am hoping that I am not seeing a change because I am gaining muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat as we all know.
Here are my measurements:

Week 2:
Bust 36
waist 30 1/2
below belly button 34 1/2
Weight 146

So my weight and my bust stayed the same. My waist and belly button measurements have decreased by 1/2 an inch each! I am really happy about this. It doesn't sound like much really, but if I lost 1/2 every week until the six week challenge is up, that is a significant change in my book! I was going to post pictures, but I thought it would be a little silly since it isn't much of a change.

Last week I made a new goal, to either jog for 10 minutes or do a 15-10 minute Yoga evening workout. I didn't do either. I just couldn't find the time, but maybe I am making excuses. So this week I am making the same goal, but I am only going to try to do this every other day.
Also, my friend Nathalie challenged me to have one vegetarian meal a week. This week I found a great recipe that my husband is actually willing to try! It's cheese tortellini with tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms with a creamy white sauce. YUM! I will post the recipe when I make it.

So how was YOUR second week? If you didn't see many results, like me, don't get discouraged. Keep going! I know you can do it!

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  1. This is going to sound kinda mean, but since I know I am significantly overweight, I think I get a special dispensations: big changes are only for big people! You're only 146, so you're not going to see such dramatic effects as say someone like me, who is 40 pounds over that would see. That being said, even though this is a 6 week challenge, remember what my father said: it takes 2 months before weight really starts melting off. Right now you're building up the muscle that you don't have. As for that one foot thing: make sure your legs are engaged: flex your legs by pointing your toes up. You'll use the muscles more and it'll keep you steadier. It works for me anyway.