Sunday, January 3, 2010

Light Day

Well, hello everyone!
Today I declared it "light exercise day" I woke up this morning and had a delicious smoothie. Then I did my weight and 30 minutes of yoga. I have been cleaning a lot today, so that will make up for more calories burnt. I am about a pound and a half less than two days ag0, I know weight can fluctuate but I hope this is a sign I am moving in the right direction.
Sometimes I think "Why am I doing this??" But then I think about spring and summer and how I will feel more comfortable in skirts, dresses, shorts, tanks and a swimsuit than I did last year. Also, I promised myself that if I lost the weight I would buy myself some new Spring/Summer clothes.

I haven't really been talking about my other goals this year. I am slowly working on de-cluttering my house and cleaning, I was up all night last night thinking about how messy certain areas of my house are and I almost got up to clean in the middle of the night. It's just really hard to organize/clean with a 16 month old!

I have been doing pretty good with keeping the tv off...unless dad's home. He likes to have it on all day.

I really wanted towork on my story during my break from school, but school starts in a week and I haven't gotten to it! :(

I have done pretty good with the calories today, but I am not going to post them right now...but really its just a bunch of repeats from the day before, So I will post later.

That is all for now. Stay positive!

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