Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Weekend

So...I haven't posted since Thursday! Shame on me! But I am still doing pretty good. I was feeling lazy on Friday but managed to get a jog and yoga in. Saturday I had class and I packed a healthy lunch and healthy snacks. Its a ten minute walk to class from the parking lot, I walked 20 minutes during my lunch break, up and down stairs and then another 10 minute walk to my car after class. Today I did a light 25 minute workout. Not bad considering that the past few weeks I have been absolutely lazy on the weekends. I weighed myself today and was happy to find that I have lost a little since I weighed myself on Thursday. That surprised me since it is that time of the month and I usually gain weight. It makes me excited to see how much I will weigh when that time is over! I can tell working out and eating healthier has made a huge difference because I didn't bloat up this time, and I didn't gain weight....AND...I didn't get as bad as cramps as usual. Amazing what a little healthy lifestyle change can do for your body, huh?

So that's about all for this weekend. I will post more later this week. I am looking forward to reading all of your blogs, too!

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