Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yes, yes....I am blogging...AGAIN! Are you sick of me yet? So today marks the end of week one!

Above are some pics of me...egads! Since Sarah posted some I felt obligated. The first one (left to right) is me today! I hadn't take a shower yet, so ignore the yuckiness. I really just want to lose the belly. The middle one is me at my heaviest...around 170, and the last one is me when I was super thin. I don't want to be that thin again...I was maybe 105 pounds! But I just posted it for comparisons sake.

So I guess I should post my measurements now, huh?

Chest: 36
Right under belly button:35

Weight: 146

So that means I have lost two pounds! YAY! Though...most of that is probably due to a certain monthly thing....but I am still counting it as a success. HOORAY!

So since it is the end of week one, this means I probably should come up with a new goal for next week. So...I couldn't decide on one, so I picked two. I will see which one I fall into easier adn stick to that, or do both.
This is my "Ideal"usual workout, what I TRY to do every day:

20 min of light Yoga workout in the morning
30 min "Dance Party"
30 min Wii Fit workout

this is what I am adding:

10 min jog
20 min light Yoga workout in the evening

I don't think that is to much, do you?
Also, I am going to try to go to bed sooner.

Like I said before, my goal is to be 135. Right smack in the middle of average for my height, this was I have some cushion if I gain weight again. Really, and I know this sounds crazy, I just want to get healthy so I can get pregnant again. So I can still exercise while I'm pregnant safely and that way my body will bounce back faster next time.

So that's it for now. Now begins WEEK TWO! (dun dun know, scary music)

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