Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is anybody reading this? I don't think I have gotten a comment for quite a few days now?? LOL!

Today has been quite a busy day for me. I did my 20 minute yoga workout this morning. Then I noticed that it was birght and sunny outside and finally around 30 degrees! This is practically a heat wave up here in Minnesota! So Harliegh and I got bundled up and went outside. Harliegh has not gotten used to the snow yet and for some reason she hates to stand in snow. So after several failed attempts to put her down I ended up carrying and we took a short 10 minute walk. It felt so nice to be out in the fresh air! After that we came in and had lunch... we split a BLT and had some fruit. After I put her down for a nap I did my usual 30 minute workout. After nap I put on the music and I danced/cleaned for an hour and a half. I have not had luck with my new goals...I just can't seem to fit in that extra few minutes of workout....ok, ok....maybe I could do a 20 min yoga workout after harliegh goes to bed at 7...but usaully I am exhausted and ready to spend the night watching tv and wasting time on the internet or reading. maybe I should stop making excuses and just do it...I mean, what's 20 minutes? I just need to work it into my routine like my other workouts.

How is everyone doing by the way? Only two more days until the end of week 2. I am excited to measure my waist and find out if there is a difference cause I FEEL like there is a difference.

Speaking of time limits....I know this is a 6 week challenge and I really want to see results in 6 weeks. But I decided today that I just want to be satisified with my body by the time it gets warm...which in Minnesota is about Mid-May. Next term I have to take a P.E. class, I am hoping this will give me some good exercise tips...because by then I will be sick of what I am doing now.
I will be sure to pass on any tips to you guys, too! Next term starts in April!

On another note...

I think I am having some sort of muscle spasm in my right leg. It started last night, but every once in a while I feel these sharp twinges in my muscle above my knee and it hurts. It feels like my muscle tightens, too. Then suddenly...it stops and its gone for several hours. It seems to happen more when I am sitting/resting. Any suggestions or ideas what this might be?

Well, I gotta go...I have to get ready to go get groceries. I will be looking for Laughing Cow cheese...and some vegetarian meals as challenged by Nathalie! ;)

Hope everyone had a heathy, happy day!


  1. Actually, I wasn't seeing your updates on Google Reader. I was wondering why you hadn't updated, lol! :)

  2. ok...I guess that is a good enough excuse!

  3. Rawr. I am leaving you a comment because you asked for one, and because you're a dear friend. Thanks for being there last night when I needed to vent. I know it was late and you didnt have to stay up to talk to me. <3 hugs. Woo only 4 more weeks!