Friday, January 1, 2010

So......I can't seem to find my tape measure, where did I put that darn thing? So I cannot post measurements for now...oh well!

For lunch today I had a salad with lettuce, tomato, cucmber, green pepper, mushrooms and ranch dressing (fat-free) and a glass of orange juice. Adding that up on the webmd counter it was just over 300. So my total for the day so far is roughly 750...which considering it's only half over, is right on track. I just finished my work out today and I don't know why, but I feel extra stiff and I seemed to get tired a lot quicker. Maybe I didn't sleep so well last night?

So here are my times/measurements for the day

Weight:149 (which means I have gained 5 lbs since the first time I weighed myself on the 22 of December...damn Christmas goodies!)

Total time working out: slightly over one hour

Calories burnt while working out (according to the Wii): 201

Calories consumed so far: 750

Tonight I am making goulash for dinner with broccoli on the side, which I am estimating to be about 400 calories. Which leaves me about 450 calories for two snacks...which is good, because right now...I am hungry! :)

Talk to you tomorrow!

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